How to display your RSS feed on your website

First you need to create an RSS feed file and upload to your website so that you get a unique website address (URL) for your RSS feed.   Your feed address will look like:


or if you have an RSS feed hosting here at RSS Feed Expert, your news feed address will look like:


Now you need an RSS feed icon that fits in with the design of your website.   For example, at the bottom of all of this website page are social media icons.   We have selected to use icons that fit within a 32x32 pixel square and have collected the icons for various social media platforms:


Social media icons


This is the RSS feed icon that we chose for this site:


Our RSS feed


You can either google for 'RSS feed icons' or collect a free one from our RSS icons page of the appropriate shape and size to match your website design.   Once you have found your icon, then upload it to your website, where it will usually go into an image folder.   You can then use HTML code to link into your website:  



and replace the:


part with the URL of your news feed, and replace:




with the name of your choosen picture file, assuming you have uploaded to the images folder on your website.