RSS icons for your website

As website operators, you need to make sure we have permission to use any picture or icon on our websites.  Facebook, Twitter, etc, all have social media icons freely available, but since RSS is not a single commercial organisation, then you need to make sure you use an RSS news feed icon from a copyright free source.  



RSS Feed Icon


16x16 RSS icon  32x32 RSS icon  64x64 RSS icon  128x128  RSS icon  


Right mouse click any of these images above and use the 'Save image as' or 'Save picture as' option to save them to your computer.  Alternatively click here to download them all in zip format plus the original .svg file.





By unnamed (Mozilla Foundation) [MPL 1.1 (, GPL ( or LGPL (], via Wikimedia Commons




Other RSS feed icons and variations


The RSS icon above came from Wikimedia Commons, which if you have haven't come across this is an image and video directory produced by Wikipedia with images that are either copyright free or licenced for you to use them from personal and commercial use.  Take a look at the following links for other RSS icons:




Other RSS feed icons


Do google search on 'feed icons' and 'RSS icons' and theare dozens of companies offering free variants for you to use.