Our hosting services can be used by website users and digital signage users:


RSS feed hosting service for websites

RSS feed hosting is where you keep your RSS feed on our server and get a unique URL to your feed.   For example:




and then you link it to your website by displaying an RSS feed icon on your website pages like:


32x32 RSS icon  or   32x32 RSS icon


and link the picture to your RSS feed.   This allows users to subscribe to your RSS feed for news using email software such as Microsoft Outlook, if they so wish.  The other advantage to having an RSS feed is that search engines like Google expect your site to allow interaction with your visitors using social media and RSS and your search engine listings improve when you conform.



So why would you want to host your RSS feed separately, why not just put it on your website?


Website owners/operators can be split into several types:


Small business DIY website publishing using desktop software - If you fall into this category, then just sign up for a free RSSFeedExpert.com account to create your RSS feed or feeds and then download and upload to your website.  The only advantage to hosting with us if that you could update your RSS feed from your smart phone anytime, anywhere. You would just need to log onto our site with your phone and update and publish your news feed as necessary.


Small business DIY publishing using online website creators such as Wix, Weebly, MoonFruit and Webs - Many smaller companies are now using online website creators such as Wix.com, Weebly.com, MoonFruit.com and Websites.com to create a website completely online by choosing a template and customising it.  Wix.com, for example, doesn't allow you to create RSS feeds.   You only have the option of linking to an external feed using the URL.  This is where RSS Feed Expert comes in handy as you can create one or more RSS feeds and then link it to your website.  Again you can update 24/7 from your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.


Small or large companies using website design companies to create and update your website - With external companies, every time a change is made to your website you get charged, or you pay a monthly or annual subscription charge.  Either way, if you had to contact an external company to update your news feed files, it takes time.   By getting them to link the RSS feed social media icon to a hosted RSS feed puts you in control.  So when you come to update your Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus feeds with news, you can just login to RSSFeedExpert.com and publish your news there as well.


Large companies with high security websites - Your IT/IS departments will be in charge of the website updates, so getting them to change the feeds is going to be hassle.  Even if you are the IT person updating the feeds, then you don't want contacting by other staff members to continually update your newsfeed.  You are also likely to have many different news feeds for different areas.  So you can link to a hosted RSSFeedExpert.com account and then assign users in different departments to update different news feeds.    So once setup, it's easy for everyone.  


Another advantage is backlinks.  Part of your website's google scoring is on quality backlinks.   The news items in your feed including a title, description and a website URL, which will normally be heading back to your website.



More information

For more information, see RSS Feeds for websites.


RSS feed hosting for digital signage 

Digital signage systems, form example BrightSign, DigiSHOW, Repeat Signage and SignageLive, allow the display of scrolling news ticker tapes along the bottom of screen.   This may be a public RSS feeds showing general news from news sites such as the BBC, Reuters, CBN, etc, or it can be RSS feeds created specifically for your company.   When you set up a signage software on your screen, you need the website address or URL of the news feed. 


32x32 RSS icon


The RSSFeedExpert.com hosting service gives you a number of news feed addresses such as:



and you can log onto our website anytime with your desktop, tablet or mobile phone and update your feeds.   Our service allows you to create multiple users on your account and assign users access to specific news feeds.   There is also a full logging system so you can see exactly who added news items on feeds, who published, etc.   In a nutshell, our service allows you to display and edit your own news and instantly update your screens 24/7 from your mobile phone.


For more information, see RSS feeds for digital signage.