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About this tool

XML, the computer readable format used to store RSS feed information, is normally stored without carriage returns and indents that would make it easy to read by us humans.  The reason for this is to minimize the size of files for transmitting over the Internet.  If you put these llines and indents back in, then you can read them.   This is useful for seeing the structure of RSS feeds and other XML documents, especially if you are trying to solve an issue, or look at the format they are stored in. 


Let's give you an example:


Here is the text from an RSS feed XML file, in its normal format:



and here's the same feed file after the XML has been reformatted:



In the formatted version, illustrated above, you can easily see the title, link and the different news items.   If you want to create you own RSS feeds in a text file, using Windows Notepad or another text editor, then starting with this is a lot easier than with the original file above.


You may also have a sitemap.xml file on your website as Google anad Bing Webmaster tools like them.  This is another file in XML format and you can use the free tool able to make them human readable as well.