Create your own RSS feeds for displaying on digital signage screens

RSS feeds aren't just for websites.  Digital signage screens displaying information to visitors and potential customers are everywhere and many of them have RSS feed news tickers, or ticker tapes, scrolling news along the bottom of the screens.   Many of them display public RSS feeds from news sites such as the BBC, CNN, Google, Bing, etc.   Depending on the location of the screen, they may be displaying stock market information, local travel news, or any of literally thousands of public RSS feeds displaying specific local, national, international, weather, sports or industry specific news.


The picture below shows digital signage screens in a restaurant (using Repeat Signage), which have news scrolling along the bottom of the screens:


RSS on digital signage screens


If you have digital signage screens you can display anything you like to visitors by creating your own RSS news feeds.  Below is a digital signage template for a school, which is designed for schools to display information to parents and students.  If you look at the bottom you will see the 'Latest news' area:


RSS on digital signage screens


This is displaying a sample RSS feed which as school may have created with the current news item being:


Sports Day on Tuesday

Our Year 5 and Year 6 Sports day will be on Tuesday next week


Most digital signage software will allow you to display RSS feeds.   In order to do this, you need to have a news feed address.   For example, the BBC world news address is:


So within your digital signage software's RSS system you will need to copy and paste the feed address in order to display it.  RSS creation and hosting RSS service for digital signage


RSS Feed Expert offers paid hosting services to customers.   This allows you to have multiple RSS feed hosted here and your news feed address will look like:


In the Silver subscription, you can have up to 10 of these addresses.   This is great for large organisations, such as colleges, where there could be a digital signage screen in different departments, with departmental news on each screen, so you could have feeds like:


Our hosting service allows you to set up multiple users on an account, and then assign news feeds to specific users.   You can also set access levels.  For example, you may give a particualar user access to edit news feeds by adding news items.  However, you may not have given them publish access as you might want to double check every feed prior to publishing to a digital signage screen.   The RSS Feed Expert service also has full logging of user activity, so you if do assign differnt users to feeds, you can then see exactly which users edited and published feeds and when. 


One of the advantages of using our hosting service, is that you can then update your feeds from any device, including your mobile phone.  Our website is designed to dynamically resize every page so that you can use our service anywhere, anytime to change your RSS feeds. 



Which digital signage systems allow you to use RSS feeds?


We haven't come accross any systems that don't allow RSS feeds.   Popular systems, including BrightSign, DigiSHOW, Repeat Signage and SignageLive, all allow RSS feeds to be displayed.





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